Physics 101 SE

A physics tool for students that calculates over 150 formulas and also contains major features such as a projectile simulator, FBD simulator, circuit simulator, orbits and much, more more.


A poweful projectile simulator that can graph ideal and linear air drag projectiles. Calculates practically every aspect of the projectile and has a thorough help section.

Statistics Pro

Tool to calculate tedious sums, probabilities, data analysis, confidence intervals and more.


A general trigometric and math application that will assist in general trig, linear equations, matrices and more. Contains a QuickCalc and Unit Converter.

Number Press

Number Press is the perfect solution for printshops, organizations, clubs or any type of business that need to number their documents. Ideal to number forms, raffles, NCR, Slips, Multiple-Up or anything that needs to be numbered.

Job Ticket

Still using a pad of paper or even worse trying to remember your incoming job orders in your head? Cue Job Ticket, the simple to use and focused application to organize your incoming job orders. Designed to complement your invoicing system, Job Ticket will help ensure your incoming job orders never get out of hand.

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