Question> - Why does my document show no numbers in the exported PDF?
Answer - Most likely you chose an incompatiable font. Any font that begins with a period such as '.Helvetica' is not supported by Number Press. Simply choose any other font that does not begin with a period, such as 'Helvetica'

Question - Why is Number abbreviated No.? There is no "o" in number!
Answer - No. is short for Numero and the abbrevitation stuck.

Question - Why does my document contain only numbers and not letters?
Answer - Make sure you are not using the ".Keyboard" font in Mac OS X. Every other font should be fine.

Question - Wow, this all looks so confusing!  What should I do?
Answer - Start with the Numbering Assistant, then import your background, then use the Quick Layout to place each number you want printed.  It's really not that hard!

Question - What is the add column?
Answer - It's better to use the Numbering Assistant and the built-in examples to figure this out.  It's used to configure the numbering.

Question - What paper size can I use with Number Press?
Answer - You can use any paper size supported by your page setup.

Question - Can I print the numbers vertically?
Answer - Yes! Just enter a rotation angle in the Position Data. 

Question - What if I need to recall my job up later?
Answer - You can save the settings in a file for later, or just save the exported PDF.

Question - My imported raster image is not printing at the correct size. What gives?
Answer - When you import raster images, you must specify the resolution in the preferences

Question - I need to number NCR. Is this possible?
Answer - Yes. If you have 3-part NCR you would just need to enter "Repeat this Number - 3 times."  

Question - How do I change the scale from inches to centimeters?
Answer - You can either choose this in the preferences or click the button atop the collumn to change it in another dialog

Question - What is number of digits for?
Answer - This tells the program how many zeros to put in front of numbers.

Question: Where do I enter my serial number?

Answer: The serial not is not entered in the demo version. The serial is placed in the full version of Number Press provided with your order email.

Question: Why does my exported PDF not contain my background?

Answer: Number Press will export PDFs with backgrounds that are either PDF or raster (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc), but not formats like a Word document, Excel document, or other non-image formats.
You must convert any background to either PDF or a raster image.

Question: How do I number existing paper documents through my printer?

Answer: If you have pre-existing physical paper documents that need to be numbered, you can setup the specifications of the numbering and create an exported PDF. Since your paper documents may be difficult to replace, the PDF will give you additional preview to ensure everything is correct before printing the PDF.

Question: How do I print my job?

Answer: The exported PDFs of Number Press can be previewed and printed from free PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat reader, FoxIt Reader, and so on.

Question: My imported raster image is not the right size. How can I fix this?

Answer: The default DPI setting in Number Press is 300 DPI and all raster images are assumed to be at this resolution. You can, however, change this resolution to any value, but the imported raster image and program settings must match for the correct scaling.
The DPI setting does not matter for imported PDF images because they print out at the maximum DPI setting.

Question: Why am I getting duplicate numbers or variable data?

Answer: The first position is like the heartbeat of the program. All of the other numbering positions add to the starting and ending values of position one for their numbering ranges. If you create improper add values, duplicate numbers or variable data may result. Number Press contains a numbering assistant to avoid such issues, we recommend you use this tool.

Question: My font did not appear correctly on my exported PDF. Why?
Answer: Number Press will handle the vast majority of your fonts with no issues at all. However, some fonts are poorly made and are incompatible with being embedded in a PDF document.

Question: My PDF was automatically saved my desktop, why did the open PDF not change?
Answer: In Microsoft Windows, if you are auto-saving PDFs to a certain location, you must close the document and re-open it to view your changes. Mac OS X should display any changes automatically. It is a basic difference of the two operating systems.